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We are a small group of independent WordPress consultants comprising visual designers, illustrators, UX strategists, engineers, website developers, SEO advisors, and trainers specializing in developing and maintaining WordPress websites in the San Francisco Bay Area.


WordPress Website Coach specializes in web design, deployment, and online marketing for entrepreneurs and small business clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. We can handle most tasks in-house, but if needed, we have a large network of talented people that we can take in on short notice.

We take great pride in helping our clients bring their branding and marketing communication to their market through modern, easy to maintain websites and links to social media networks. Since an increasing percent of web traffic comes from mobile devices, a responsive website approach is integral to an effective design.

Our team doesn't just build websites -- we have expertise in:

  • graphic design
  • database and web engineering
  • marketing communications and branding
  • SEO
  • WordPress coaching, training, and trouble-shooting
  • website hosting problem solving and support

Our Clients

When someone says you're a SMB, do you immediately think that means Small Meager Budget?

If you are a

Small Business or Non-Profit group, Entrepreneur, Sole Practitioner, Artist, Craftsperson...
with no IT Department & no Marketing Department,


then you match most of our clients.


Meet the WordPress Website Coach Team

We are a small group of independent WordPress consultants comprising visual designers, illustrators, UX strategists, engineers, website developers, SEO advisors, and trainers specializing in developing and maintaining WordPress websites in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Pieter Hartsook

Website Builder / Solution Sleuth

Pieter, owner of WordPress Website Coach, provides oversight on all our projects.  He has been building and troubleshooting WordPress websites since 2007.

He helps lead the twice-weekly WordPress Support Group Meetups sponsored by Techliminal.

With his extensive background in branding, marketing communications, and market research he adds value beyond just website construction.


Anca Mosoiu

MySQL-PHP-CSS Engineer

Anca is a programmer and consultant who loves complex, large-scale technology projects, where her curiosity and ability to translate between technical and non-technical helps teams get things done.

Headshot Tara Hollander

Tara Hollander

Website Builder / Marketing & Content Strategist

Tara is a website builder and project manager dedicated to empowering the heart of your project by implementing action plans to meet your overall goals.  She focuses on website design and content strategies that optimally engage your targeted audiences.

Tara specializes in registration systems for ease of customer experience and business data organization.


Stacy Lehrer

UX / Visual Designer

 Goal-driven design: The creative strategy can be implemented when the objectives,  goals, audience and brand image have all been determined.

The design strategy will determine the interface design style and user-flows which need to match the audience and website goals.


Matt Kopala

Web Hosting / Security / Site Optimization

Matt is a skilled engineer, he brings his expertise in WordPress, systems engineering, security, networking, web applications, performance optimization, and interface design together to lead the development and support for our preferred hosting platform.


Matt is passionate about helping people and providing tools and automation to make their jobs simpler and more enjoyable.

Matt believes that people are using WordPress because they want to make their lives easier and save time. He believes the same thing should apply to their hosting platform. He frequently sees people struggling with issues for hours or days, that would never have even been a problem if they were hosting their WordPress site(s) on a "best in class platform" in the first place.

Matt loves to talk about hosting, technology, software engineering, security, performance, and challenging problems.


Eve Lurie

Website Builder / Membership Specialist

Eve has been involved with computers since 1990 as author, teacher, trainer consultant, web designer, and active in local Macintosh User Groups since 1993. She is experienced in customizing Genesis websites.

Eve has built complex membership sites with automated membership renewals and custom intake forms using Gravity Forms plugin.


Tumikia Watu-Khuthaza

Website Design / Branding

Tumikia is experienced in finding the most effective way to convey concepts while executing designs for target audience using color, type, illustration, photography, and animation. Pre-press expert.

My goal is to help my clients grow their business by providing professional web-based and print marketing materials.

CB Visionary

CB Smith-Dahl

Video Director

With over 25+ years of experience with marketing & storytelling, CB  is  the perfect person to help you optimize your visuals. Her specialty is  video series for blogs and other social media platforms.

CB  will   plan with you, bring the right people & gear to the shoot, edit original and licensed media together, and get your videos online.

She works with your marketing team to help you maximize  consumer views, clicks, and conversions.

charlie lenk

Charlie Lenk

Content Development & Editing

Charlie has 20 years experience producing content and shaping it for the web. He understands how crucial having quality content is to your site’s success.  He works with you to develop and edit your content so it serves the needs of your audience, meets your business goals, and prioritizes your messages.

Milo headshot

Milo Montclair

Storyboard / Illustrator

Currently working as a  Storyboarder; Illustrator; Concept Artist; Storyteller; Craft Merchant; Webcomic Artist; Probably Human.

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