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Code Snippets are solutions we have come up with to solve website development problems or ways to add enhanced features and functionality.

Some of the solutions are generic to WordPress (and Gutenberg blocks), but most are pertinent to developers working with Genesis themes and Beaver Builder plugins.

We are sharing these in the hope that what worked for us may help you in your development projects.

We hope these may be useful for you. If you have any feedback, problems, enhancements, or websites where you have used these -- please leave a comment on the Code Snippet post on our website.


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Apr 5 2021

Remove the unwanted padding on Gutenberg video block displayed in Beaver Themer templates

If you use Beaver Themer to layout single post pages and format the post content using the Gutenberg Block Editor you notice when embedding a video that the “Resize for smaller devices” switch is enabled by default on video blocks. The purpose of this setting is to maintain the original aspect ratio of the video and the responsive size of the browser changes.

But leaving this set when the post content is displayed in a Beaver Themer template causes a huge white space above the video when viewed on a desktop (about 200px or so)!


Mar 3 2021

How to add CSS to control elements on the back end of your WordPress site

Let’s say you want to style the dashboard, or hide an element that normally shows when editing a Post using display:none;. Even if you can discover the CSS selector using your browser’s inspector and test out your custom styling, you can’t just copy and paste that into the WordPress Customizer.


Simple History plugin banner

Jul 21 2020

Shorten the length of the log file for Simple History plugin

The Simple History plugin default history period is 60 days. The log includes not only user initiated changes to the website, but all the automated updates to plugins, etc. This can make the log file pretty large.

Mar 30 2020

A bit of PHP to preserve html formatting in standard WordPress excerpts

If you don’t use the Excerpt field in your posts and rely on WordPress to grab the first few dozen words of your post content what you usually find is the excerpt when displayed on the front end (usually in some sort of archive or post grid display) will have most of the html tags removed leaving you with a single block of plain text.

If I go to the bother of formatting my post content to make it more interesting and easier to read and understand I’d like that formatting to be preserved even in that post’s excerpt.

Mar 27 2020

How to add custom post types to your default RSS feed

RSS readers are somewhat old school in 2020, but the RSS feed that is part of WordPress is used by email services like Mailchimp and Mailerlite to create automated email updates when you add a new post to your website.

If you have custom post types though, they are not included in the default URL:

Mar 21 2020

Storing javascript in a Custom Field textarea

For some client projects I needed to embed javascript code in a page (Post). I used a custom field textarea to insert the code when creating the Post. The problem was the default for text fields was to run them through a sanitizer.php to strip out any type of code that might be malicious. This is a good thing. But in this case it defeats the purpose.

So how to disable the sanitizing for just this field without breaking the default?


Feb 28 2020

Create a Scrolling Column with trivial CSS

The client wanted to display a list of past events in a scrollable column. This was easy to implement using simple css. The page layout was done with Beaver Builder, but the solution should work for any html container.

Feb 25 2020

Changing a Submenu to a Mega-menu with Beaver Builder

Sometimes you want to present a navigation menu as a horizontal “mega-menu” instead of a hierarchal dropdown menu. This is really simple if you are using Beaver Builder. The mega-menu feature is built in, but is unfortunately hidden. You have to know the secret to turn it on.

Feb 9 2020

Formatting a custom number field to add commas

I needed to format a number field (999,999,999), coming from a custom field number-format (no other characters permitted in the number entry field). No “$” no commas or decimal points, etc. to output as a normal currency format.

Code Snippets 1

When displaying the number I could add a “$” in front of the number, but couldn’t find a way to format the number since you can’t do that with CSS.

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