Shorten the length of the log file for Simple History plugin

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Reason for needing the Code Snippet

The Simple History plugin default history period is 60 days. The log includes not only user initiated changes to the website, but all the automated updates to plugins, etc. This can make the log file pretty large.

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What the Code Snippet does

This Simple History plugin PHP code snippet for the functions.php file lets you choose how long the history log period is.

The size of the database table for the plugin will depend on how much activity your site has. So small site, not much activity = smaller db. Large size, lots of activity = larger db usage.

Here's the Code Snippet

If you want to limit the number of days the log is stored, you can change this using a filter.

This and more examples in the examples are in the php file:

Add this to your functions.php or similar:

// Clear items that are older than a 7 days (i.e. keep only the most recent 7 days in the log)
add_filter('simple_history/db_purge_days_interval', function ($days) {
$days = 7;
return $days;

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