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Template: Comments

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This post tests comments in the following ways. Threaded comments up to 10 levels deep Paginated comments (set Settings > Discussion > Break comments into pages to 5 top level comments per page) Comment markup / formatting Comment images Comment videos Author comments Gravatars and default fallbacks (This post was viewed 34 […]

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Template: Comments Disabled

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This post has its comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks disabled. There should be no comment reply form, but should display pingbacks and trackbacks. (This post was viewed 42 times) in the last month.)

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Template: Pingbacks And Trackbacks

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This post has many pingpacks and trackbacks. There are a few ways to list them. Above the comments Below the comments Included within the normal flow of comments (This post was viewed 40 times) in the last month.)

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TimThumb security risk and solution – find out if this affects you!

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There is a great post on the background of this problem by Mark Maunder that I recommend you read to understand the severity of the issue: Technical details and scripts of the WordPress TimThumb.php hack But even better, Mark has written a WordPress plugin that you can install. It will […]

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broken plugin

WordPress BackWPup backup plugin is broken fixed

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The best free backup plugin, the one I’ve been using on my site and recommend and install for my clients is BackWPup.  It backs up your database and your files too. And it can automatically create and send the backups to Dropbox, Amazon S3, and other cloud-based storage spaces. The […]

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Guinea Pig

Testing WordPress 3.2 Release Candidates

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I thought I’d try out the upcoming version of WordPress since it’s now already rolled out on I want to see what plugins and themes break before I recommend upgrading to my clients. So far everything seems to be working with RC2, RC3 3.2 (with one exception….*) * BackWPup […]

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