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I have 56 plugins and just upgraded to WordPress 3.1

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I use the Hartsook Letter blog as a testbed for WordPress themes, tools, plugins, and extensions. I need to see how these work and ferret out potential interactions among the various extensions before I recommend them for a client’s site. So when WordPress 3.1 was released today I hit the […]

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no spam

Referrer spam, what is it, should you worry about it, and what can you do about it?

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I first became aware of the Referrer Spam problem after installing and using the WordPress plugin Stat Surfer. One of Stat Surfer’s statistics categories is Top Referrers. I noticed on a business-client’s site they were getting referral traffic from porn sites and other unlikely sites. Looking into why this was […]

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Scribd wordpress option

Don't use this Scribd plugin for iPaper docs — use Embedly instead

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I wanted to display a slide show that was hosted on (see Mary Meeker’s slides on theBrilliant analysis of current internet marketing trends post). There is a lot of good content on Scribd that you may want to share with your audience, and it should be one of your choices […]

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Adding photos to your WordPress blog 2

Adding photos to your WordPress blog

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  So you want to spice up your posts with Flickr, Picasa, or iPhoto, images from your computer? You can just insert one or two using the Upload/Insert button on the post editor. But what if you want to have a dozen photos, or have your readers see them as […]

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Problems with – the devil is in the details 4

Problems with – the devil is in the details

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Time for a change I’ve been looking for a new hosting vendor. My account at is up for renewal and I think I can do  better. Also, there are rumors that GoDaddy is on the block and I’m concerned about long term changes in service and pricing should ownership […]

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Lightbox Plus plugin demo 9

Lightbox Plus plugin demo

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July 2017 update: The Lightbox Plus plugin is no longer available. I’ve replaced that on this site with Responsive Lightbox by dFactory. This plugin has lots of options for lightbox libraries and display. I’m currently using the prettyPhoto library setting, This is a demonstration of the Lightbox Plus plugin. Click an image […]

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