Relevanssi plugin breaks WordPress built-in editor searchs

Relevanssi – A Better Search plugin breaks the search function in the “Media Library’, “Insert Media panel”, and also the ‘Insert link to existing content” in the hyperlink panel.

Relevanssi replaces WordPress default search with a partial-match search that sorts results by relevance instead of the default reverse chronological order. It also indexes comments and shortcode content, so it’s a real benefit for WordPress websites.

I was using the latest free version 2.9.14 of the plugin and noticed that when I was searching the Media Library for any search term I was getting “No media attachments found.” I also found a related issue when using the Link button in the visual editor, the “link to existing content” function also was not working.

I started the usual debugging process of switching to the default Twenty Eleven theme and disabling all plugins. Reactivating plugins one at a time to narrow down the problem I was able to see the problem with only the plugin Relevanssi active.

I notified the developer Steve Mikkosaari about the problem using the WordPress support forum.

He responded right away:

Sure. There are some issues with the media searching in Relevanssi, the next version will hopefully address them.

I’ll see that these are fixed in the next version.

Meanwhile, with Relevanssi Premium both media library searches and “link to existing content” work with WP 3.4.1, so you might want to consider upgrading to the Premium version. It’s just nine euros or so, and has lots of benefits compared to the free version.

I consider this +1 responsive support from a developer of a free plugin – thumbs up for his response. Now we’ll see how soon he fixes the problem.

So, the bottom line, I’ve disabled the plugin, but not removed it from my site and my clients’ sites and will wait for his next version to see if it fixes the problem. I hope it does, because it adds real value to the websites by giving better search results.

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