Weaver Theme bug identified & resolved

While I was configuring options in the Weaver theme (Weaver II-Pro) in preparation for my presentation at the Configurable Themes presentation for the Oakland WordPress Meetup the other day when I discovered a strange behavior when selecting one of Weaver theme’s most useful page-specific options: selecting the One column: No sidebar option.

Weaver Theme bugThe problem manifested when I used some custom css to wrap the main page in a “shadow”. This worked fine with all templates, except for the “One-column: No sidebar”. In that case the main page did NOT display the shadow, but oddly a blank page appeared below the footer with the shadow effect.

Here’s one of the reasons I like Weaver theme for WordPress. I posted the problem on the Weaver Forum and within 24 hours someone came up with a solution which I’ll post below. Also Bruce Wampler, the Weaver theme developer chimed in that he’ll fix the inconsistency in the upcoming next version.

The problem is that all the templates have a float on #container_wrap established in the style sheet, except for #container_wrap.one-column which says float:none. If I put #container_wrap.one-column {float: left;} in there, it looks good. The “bug” is that the templates behave differently. They should be consistent if other rules are expected to work.

In the mean time, if you use the Weaver One-column: No sidebar option in the Weaver II settings panel insert the custom css statement:

#container_wrap.one-column {float: left;} 
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