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The website you are looking at right now is using the WeaverII-Pro Theme. In order to show the contrasts and similarities between Suffusion and Weaver I made this site a facsimile of my website which is currently using Suffision (at least on April 22, 2012) while I am giving a presentation at the East Bay WordPress MeetUp. Click this link if you want to switch to the Suffusion version of this post. The other site will open in a new window so you can compare. You’ll see that the initial look is very similar. I didn’t strive to make the two sites identical, I just wanted them to have a similar look and feel.

Bruce Wampler, the author of Weaver, has spent 100s of hours documenting the theme. So instead of trying to replicate his work I will give you a guided tour of the Weaver Theme and show you what it can do. Well look as some of Bruce’s guides and demos, and what the admin interface looks like; and then we’ll look at some of the sites I’ve built using Weaver.

Feel free to come back and take your time using these links for a self-guided tour.

$29.95 – Personal Version
$49.95 – Professional
  1. Weaver Premium Content | Home of Weaver II Pro and Weaver Plus
  2. Weaver II Pro | Weaver Premium Content Over a dozen new major features

Pro Demos

Examples of the variety of Weaver sites that I’ve built

  1. Venture Valkyrie | What Would Lisa Suennen Say? (port from wordpress.com Twenty-Twelve theme)
  2. Jim’s Thoughts and Adventures | Powered by Rhythm
  3. Sonja and Pieter’s Wedding | June 4, 2011 (good demo of responsive)
  4. www.hartsook.com  (this website 😉 )
  5. walkswithbliss.com
  6. Estuary Press (four separate WordPress sites, all using Weaver, with extensive use of Page-with-Posts feature for store items)
  7. Golden Gate Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors. Background image with translucent content areas. Uses Connections plugin for directory and All In One Calendar plugin for events. Uses Portfolio Slideshow plugin shortcode in Header widget area for rotating images in header.
  8. Illuminating Engineering Society Client wanted vertical menu in sidebar instead of horizontal navigation.
  9. Leslie Vallas MFT Simple site for a family therapist. Copied previous non-WordPress site design into Weaver.

Demonstration of the Admin UI

Pieter Hartsook

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  1. Sandra says

    Hi there,

    I’ve used Weaver II a bit in the past, but haven’t for some months now. At one time I managed to setup a slideshow in the header as you have done in The Werk­Stadt | Porsche Restora­tion … but then didn’t end up using it and now cannot recall how I did it.

    When searching for reminders etc, I came across your site.

    Can you shed some light?

    Many thanks, Sandra

  2. Pieter Hartsook says


    Although Weaver has a header slider menu capability built in, I chose to use the Dynamic Headers widget to make this slideshow. The widget lets you replace the standard header on any page with a slideshow. Unfortunately the plugin hasn’t updated in a couple years, but the latest version 2.5.3 is working with the latest version of Weaver II Pro (2.0.1) and WP 3.6.1, so you might give it a try.

    You could also use the Weaver Horizontal Header Widget area and insert a slideshow shortcode from any of the free of commercial slider plugins like Meteor slides or Wow Slider. I’ve done this to make half of the header a slideshow on http://latipnet.com.


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