WordPress BackWPup backup plugin is <del>broken</del> fixed 3The best free backup plugin, the one I’ve been using on my site and recommend and install for my clients is BackWPup.  It backs up your database and your files too. And it can automatically create and send the backups to Dropbox, Amazon S3, and other cloud-based storage spaces.

broken pluginThe problem is that in the upgrade to WordPress 3.2 and the corresponding upgrade to the plugin (2.0), the plugin has broken! The developer is working on a fix and has a development version in the works, but my testing of that version finds it’s still broken.

It’s now fixed.

What to do? Well the advantage of a plugin that’s been downloaded 85,000 times and has an active support forum and an engaged community of users it that one of the users had patched the earlier version 1.7.8 so that it works with WP 3.2.x. You can download the plugin named “BackWPup interim” from the WebWrights website. Click Here to go to the page. In order to download the free plugin you have to go through the website’s shopping cart system to get the download link. You will NOT have to give any financial info and it is free. This is just the way he has to distribute the plugin and keep track of the email addresses so he can notify you when a update or fix is available.

In order to use this plugin to replace the broken one, download the zip file, go to your own site and deactivate the BackWPup plugin – BUT DON’T DELETE IT. If you delete the plugin you’ll lose all your job settings. Upload the interim plugin and activate it. That’s it. You’re back in business. Just remember, don’t delete the original, now deactivated plugin. It will screw things up. Just leave it deactivated.

If you want to try out this interim plugin and don’t have the regular one installed, it will work fine, just download and install it from the website link above.

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Pieter Hartsook

WordPress website coaching, design, implementation, support, and training. Background in Marketing Research and Communications. See my profile at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hartsook/

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  1. Hi Peter,

    Looks like the plugin got an update on 7/31… I’m testing it out and will let you know what happens w/ 3.2.1



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